Our people
Our people are a collection of individuals from across the world, all united by our passion; solving some of the most compelling challenges facing businesses and people today.All of our people are opportuneurs, individuals who have the courage to invest their critical resources to conceive solutions people need [some of these solutions yet unknown and yet needed] and build disruptive businesses out of these solutions.

The OPPORTUNEUR Team is configured around the core aspects of opportuneurship.

The Founder and CEO’s entrepreneurial experience is coupled with work experience with global brands and deep technical capability in higher finance and strategy.

George Mubipe, Founder & Chief Executive, is an opportuneur with significant experience of entrepreneurial success and challenges from innovative start ups to growth in mature businesses including Focus Group, Barclays and pwc.

Entrepreneurial CEO for Owner Managed Businesses and Venture Capitalists/Builders

20+ years of success in crafting and executing strategy for profitable high revenue growth in start-up and mature businesses through innovative business modelling and smart go-to-market models. Core expertise is in thinking differently for big impact.

Proven inspirational entrepreneur with a rare capability to constantly innovate and execute through an aggressive approach to building businesses for growth. Multi-sectoral start-up and growth experience in energy, financial services (banking, asset finance, Transactional SME Finance, project finance, and structured finance), and professional services, (strategy, performance improvement, corporate finance, and private equity). Highly skilled in creating and packaging disruptive business ideas, and thinking about smart ways to get business ideas into action. Possess robust expertise in designing business models along with innovative operating models that create market-leading competitive advantages.

Entrepreneurial and professional experience is complimented by a deep technical skill in higher finance, strategy, and economics gained from the following qualifications:

1. Private Equity Program, 2010, Oxford University Said Business School, UK
2. MBA (2004/05), Lancaster University Management School, UK
3. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), (1996-1997), UK
4. Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc), (1992-1995), Copperbelt University Business School, Zambia

The Founding Partner & Chief Marketing Officer knows already what it takes to grow having 20 years of product, marketing, and branding management in a mature business that grew to a US$1bn annual revenues.

Racheal Mubipe, Founding Partner & Chief Marketing Officer, brings to Opportuneur the wisdom of a mature large organization with US$1bn revenue a year.

Large Organization (US$1bn Annual Revenue) Product, Marketing, and Branding Experience

20+ years of crafting and managing large scale product, marketing, and branding strategies to achieve aggressive revenue growth through profitable growth in customer numbers on a consistent basis.

Proven experience in designing B2B and B2C multi-sector products with regular re-designs to suit client demands;

Corporate leadership experience is complimented by a broad technical skill in higher finance, strategy, and economics gained from the following qualifications:

1. MBA, Lancaster University Management School, UK (2004-2005)
2. Post Graduate Diploma, Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK (2005-2006)
3. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), (1992-1995), Copperbelt University Business School, Zambia