Our Portfolio
100% ownership of Ready-2-Scale Disruptive Start-ups (early enough stage to own and drive profitable growth) with a clear blueprint for value creation and growth

Superior on-going after-sale support service from the founders of the business (original thinking access)

Independent and aligned operating and execution team of managers with the requisite experience and talent for profitable scale.

  • 100% ownership of the disruptive ready-2-scale start-up means no undue influence from the founders.
  • Seed stage disruptive start-ups presents the rare opportunity to combine the prospect of larger-than-normal returns with the strategic and operating control of the business at the critical ‘early’ stage.
  • Best of both worlds-100% control of the business with unfettered access to advice of the founders [original thinking critical to strategy and immortality of relevance of the business model].
  • Access to steady supply of Ready-2-Go disruptive start-ups covering multiple opportunities at the same time.
  • Early opportunity for a long term relationship with founders with proven ability for opportuneurship.