We create, develop and sell our disruptive, ready-to-scale technology startups.

Selling to industry leaders, venture capitalists, angel and crowdfunding investors, our product is a particular kind of breakthrough startup: a technology company that is created in-house, taken beyond product-market fit, and readied to gain dominant market share for its new owners.

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Opportuneur Customers

Our customers know us as the home of the ready-to-scale startup; our defining feature is analogous to sliding floor-to ceiling windows: we offer transparent, secure points of access to the most exciting ground-floor opportunities around.


Through one window, Opportuneur provides a way for a global market of industry players to strategically grow and develop their brands, via startup acquisition.

Look through another window, and you’ll see Angel investors accessing our network of opportunities achieving product/market fit. 


And through another, you’d catch a glimpse of how our ‘conveyor belt’ of de-risked opportunities for investment makes us a go-to target for the discerning crowdfunding investor.

about Opportuneur

The DNA of a new kind of entrepreneurship

Neither a startup studio, incubator or accelerator, Opportuneur represents a new model of value creation. We relentlessly validate opportunities that have the potential for significant disruption in providing a better way to meet essential human needs. While we’re sector agnostic, our portfolio companies always have a few things in common:

Founder-backed meta disruption

With Opportuneur's founders having previously attracted $200M in funding through disruptive innovation, we're a breakthrough startup dedicated to making disruptive startups in our own image, a new kind of venture builder and merchant.

Significant impact is not optional

We're focused purely on businesses that make a significant impact in the marketplace. Our promise to the market is simple, we'll either deliver startups that cause seismic change — that everybody should invest in, or no one should invest

Created and built exclusively in-house

We only develop our own in-house ideas. Rather than field random ideas and force them into our portfolio, Opportuneur only grows and nurtures fit-for-purpose ideas; saving time, reducing risk and maximising upside.

Technology + essential human living

For us, significant impact comes from delivering solutions that improve human living, with the right application of technology. We're focused on solving problems in sectors with the most promise for disruption and impact, and those critical to everyday life: Digital Consumer Services, Education, Global Trade, Future of Work and Mobility

Proven, ready-to-scale products

We're 100% evidence-based. We believe in demonstrating the readiness of our product, over speculation. It's why we take each of our portfolio companies through the Opportuneur Window, a time of development and market-testing designed to bring startups to a point where they are ready to capture entire markets and lead. While we don't rule out eventually selling to VCs, we don't take venture backing during Opportuneur's windows of development.

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