Beyond entrepreneurship... is opportuneurship

entrepreneur (noun)

a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.


opportuneur (noun)

an innovator who creates, validates and stewards disruptive startups of significant impact.


We are Opportuneurs, not only entrepreneurs

We’re future-focused innovators at heart, constantly reframing the problems of the future, and packaging their solutions as investible, validated startups. We make it our aim to positively impact both marketplace and people.

Founder track record of $200M (USD) invested.

Senior leadership marketing expertise managing $1bn ARR

Diverse investor and contributor community

Opportuneur - Innovative startup seller


When you purchase an Opportuneur business outright, or buy shares in one, you receive benefits that are hard to find in traditional startup opportunities.:

Opportuneur UK - Experience Opportuneur

A business infused with 20+ years of owner-manager experience, taking 100% accountability.

Opportuneur UK - Growth Opportuneur

A proven, disruptive asset with significant potential for growth.

Opportuneur UK - Quality

Quality after-sales service for the smoothest possible transition.

Opportuneur UK - Cost effective

A cost-effective, best-in-class opportunity, de-risked by our process.

Opportuneur UK - Strategic Opportuneur

Strategic and operational control at an early stage.

Opportuneur UK - focus

Dispassionate focus - unlike the bias-addled founder, prone to over-identify with his creation, Opportuneur businesses are built to sell.

Our Process

We create, develop and steward high-impact opportunities, so that they’re ready to capture entire markets. Our process is simple, and one we are uniquely qualified to deliver.

Opportuneur UK


We create and validate a startup idea, its business plan and financial model.

Opportuneur UK


We build an MVP, market testing it and gathering the evidence of its viability.

Opportuneur UK


Having demonstrated it's impact, and potential for more of the same, we vend the ready-to-scale startup to the Opportuneur investor community.

In startups, timing is everything, our processes enable us to strike at the opportune time for each venture we develop; rather than strive and strain to hit vanity metrics, our businesses are built from first principles to hit milestones that matter. 


The Opportuneur process provides upside on both sides of the table: Investors get a proven business, that’s ready to scale.; the founder teams we install get the exits they’ve earned, and the venture itself becomes aligned with an opportune timeline for development. 


Opportuneur’s mission-driven process is engineered to produce ready-to-scale startups that…

Opportuneur UK

Start strong, show sustainable promise, and are accessible to a global market of investors.

Opportuneur UK

Significantly outperform typical start-up success rates

Improve the lives of end-users and provide exceptional value to investors

Meet Our Team


George Mubipe​

George Mubipe

Founder & CEO

An opportuneur whose considerable experience of both the rewards and challenges of the entrepreneurial journey, spans innovative startups to mature businesses such as Focus Group, Barclays, and pwc.


Thinking differently for significant impact is a credo George lives by; in his 20+ years of business experience, he has crafted and executed strategy for profitable high revenue growth start-ups, bootstrapping Zambian-based Focus Group to $35M USD in annual sales. Focus provided disruptive venture financing to individual entrepreneurs with high working capital requirements.


George leads Opportuneur with a passion for innovative products that improve the welfare of others. His entrepreneurial and professional know how are complemented by deep technical skill in higher finance, strategy, and economics, gained from the following


1. Private Equity Program, 2010, Oxford University Said Business School, UK
2. MBA (2004/05), Lancaster University Management School, UK
3. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), (1996-1997), UK
4. Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc), (1992-1995), Copperbelt University Business School, Zambia

Racheal Mubipe opportuneur

Racheal Mubipe

Founding Partner & CMO

An experienced product, marketing and brand strategist, Racheal’s track record of aggressive revenue growth culminated in her leadership of the marketing division at Zesco Ltd, Zambia’s main electricity utility (2000 – 2018).

At Zesco, Racheal held a number of marketing and PR roles during her 18-year tenure. Her expertise in managing large-scale strategies, and designing iterative B2B and
B2C products contributed to the energy giant’s US$1bn of annual revenue. Racheal’s Corporate leadership experience is complemented by broad technical skills in strategy, marketing and economics, gained from the following qualifications:

1.  MBA, Lancaster University Management School, UK (2004-2005)
2. Post Graduate Diploma, Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK (2005-2006)
3. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), (1992-1995), Copperbelt University Business School, Zambia

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