About us
We are innovators at heart with a passion for ideas that confront market inefficiencies, broaden market boundaries and truly change for the better how consumers’ essential needs are satisfied.

We process innovative ideas into practical scalable solutions packaged as products and then build ready 2 go start-ups around the solutions with a clear and compelling strategy anchored on smart business and operating models coupled with powerful digital technology.

We are really opportuneurs (not only entrepreneurs), individuals with the capability to conceive the yet unknown and demystify the future into something everyday people can relate to by way of products packaged into scalable disruptive start-ups with great potential for positive impact on people and markets. This is what we at OPPORTUNEUR call Opportuneurship. And that is what we see as our core business.

We are driven by a shared purpose in life, a relentless focus on finding different and better ways of addressing the “essentials of living” for people. Our purpose drives us to….

Constantly challenge our collective and individual capacity to imagine and create what is not yet known.

Deploy our thinking ability to change the cycle of common thinking in business with something better.

Create commercially sensible solutions, out of innovative ideas, into scalable disruptive businesses that can go on to grow without the undue influence of founders.